iOS 7 -- straining your eyes?



I had been using iOS 7 beta 2 for nearly a week before I decided to revert to iOS 6. Not because of the instability of the beta itself, but 3rd party app instability; Facebook and FB Messenger, which I use heavily, kept signing me out throughout the day, so I wasn't getting notifications.

So I decided to downgrade late last night. When the restore was finished and I unlocked the phone, my eyes felt -- for lack of a better them -- "rested". It's kinda hard to explain. I remembered that some people were saying they were having trouble reading stuff within iOS 7, but I just assumed that while iOS 7 is slightly harder on the eyes, what I was experiencing was due to my eyes already being tired (it was after 2am). But today when I woke up and looked at my phone, I felt the same relief.

There are two things I think are worth noting:

  1. I am 22 years old and have what people would call "perfect" vision. I don't need glasses, can read things across the room, etc.
  2. While using iOS 7, I didn't think it was straining on my eyes. I only realized this after going back to iOS 6

After using both, I can say iOS is much, much easier on the eyes (for me, at least). What can Apple do to improve the situation, make the font thicker/bolder? Has anyone else experienced this?