Windows Phone needs Parallax


I've been a WP user since WP7 (htc hd7), and so far I've been pretty happy with my decision, but i must also be honest and say Nokia is really the only reason why I've remained a WP user this long. The Lumia's are the best smartphones out IMO and Nokia is constantly providing updates and free exclusive apps.

There have been numerous features over the past few years that those on the fence about a WP have said they would need before making the jump. It started out with copy and paste and now most recently it's a notification center. I've even heard others mention rotation lock (lol!). But it seems that once WP gains some touted missing feature, there's always some other (flavor of the month) feature that someone can't live without.

Has anyone else noticed this trend? What do you think will be the next must have after WP gets a notification center?

Whether these missing features are valid complaints or not (its all subjective), MS needs to overcome this issue of being last/slow to implement. At some point they have achieve parity with the other platforms, no matter how small/ basic the feature. They should always be one OS Update behind the competition.

From my observation, usually when the iphone gains a new feature, it becomes a must have feature for many people (hence the title). I actually believe the WP OS to be the best of all the OSes but i feel MS has to put greater focus on WP. They do not have the luxury of taking their time to implement new features like Apple. And as each platform becomes more influenced by the beauty of WP, its going to become harder to attract new users.

PS - Parallax in ios7 is cool by the way. I'm just counting down to when that's going to become the next must have feature.