Wait for new Mac Pro or go for the windows alternatives?

Hello everyone,

I have been thinking a lot and trying to make a hard decision. To give everyone some background I am a college student going for my major in Computer Information Technology and minoring in Human Computer Interaction. I wouldn't really consider my self a gammer but I am really into World of Warcraft.

It is time for me to upgrade my computer and get something that is going to last me for awhile. I have been considering waiting for the new Mac Pro, being since I prefer Mac OSX over Windows and I have been dabbling into app development for OSX and IOS. I also prefer how everything Apple simply works together with ease. But I am worried that If I go with the Mac Pro I will be disappointed with the graphics performance in WoW being since I record much of the game footage for the guild and edit it. With a Windows machine I know I can just throw in another graphics card and everything should be fine. But I would really prefer the whole Mac experience compared to the aging and some what misguided Windows platform.

If anyone has some advice it would be greatly appreciate! Really just here to learn and get a greater perspective. Again I would like to stress that I am not going to be using the Mac Pro as a gaming machine but would like to make sure that I will get the performance that I am looking for something that I know is going to be a large investment.