How is your home interconnected with Android?

I'm a bit bored of the flame and Motorola X phone topics.

So I wanted to start a new sort of topic. What can you do/control with your android device in and around your house?!

I'll start. I have an HTPC in my work/study room. On this HTPC I have XBMC and my movies, music and photo's.

The HTPC is connected with an HDMI cable through the floor to my LG 42LM660 in the living room. The LG is connected to my Sonos playbar (for the 5.1 "surround").

I can start my HTPC with a Wake on Lan (WOL) through Yatse remote and run any movie/music out of my database or Icefilms addon. When I can not use my tv I can stream a move from my HTPC to my HTC Desire HD.

Beside my HTPC I can also use Sonos set with the Sonos remote control app.

And last but not least, I can control my sunscreens of my house with an app.

Hopefully in the future I can control mmany more other product with my android device. Because in my opinion, the more I can do with one device the better.