Screen sizes: Small vs Big ....Compare your thoughts from a year ago.

Update- (7/27/14)

Was looking back on my old post and decided, hey, have people's opinions changed in a year? See if your past comments reflect your current stance.

----Original Post Follows----

This subject has gotten out of hand. While browsing the forums, I noticed a couple of comments that simply don't make much sense.

The common consensus among iPhone users is that:

1.Android OEMs can't make smaller high resolution screens.

2. That people only buy large screen Android phones because these are their only options.

Taken literally, both of these are factually wrong. Android OEMs could make high rez screens at smaller sizes, but the battery trade offs would be immense. Also, people could buy smaller screened phones if they wanted to, they simply don't; wheather its due to specs or what brand they want.

Let's look at the flip side of this argument.

iPhones users only buy 3.5' and 4' inch screened phones because that's their only option, right? The sheer sales of these devices has convinced many that the screen size is a major reason why people are buying iPhones. ( Guess their overlooking the app quality of the App Store and other selling points...)

Lets all be honest though for a minute. If Apple were to release a 5inch screened device alongside the current gen iPhone, the average consumer would pick it over a similarly spec'd 4' inch screen.

Why? Easy: Perception.

Large screens are perceived as better. Wheather that's actually true is up to the individual user, but taken as a whole, it seems to be the case.

This argument will remain unanswered until Apple 'invents' the perfect large screened device for the market that continues to want one.

It just continues to perplex me that people can't seem to get this idea through their skulls...oh well...

What are your thoughts?