How To Delete Yourself From The Internet

Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, Cinemagram, Vine,Whatsapp, Kik, Google+, Microsoft, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and others. You recognize some of these companies because at some point of time in your life you signed up for one of their services. After the craziness with NSA debacle, and and the plethora of articles from TheVerge and others I began to wonder how much of myself is actually discoverable on the internet. So i did what anyone would do, I googled myself and found out 86 other people with my name (not my username my real name). I then decided to go into my outlook and my gmail and disconnect services that were associated with those accounts. My old CNET account, my old apps that I deleted off of my android phone and apps that I used once and then uninstalled I revoked all access.

I was scared at what I saw

I then looked at what google had on me on my Dashboard and I was shocked. When I tell you I was scared at what I saw I was scared. I found all the searches I had done on my phone, all the places I went to that were mapped on google latitude. Recent searches on google maps, it all was there I immediately deleted what I could and disabled keeping history on everything. I then proceeded to put the 2 step authentication process on my account. I deleted all of my google profile and the Google+ with it. I then went to my Microsoft account, revoked old apps and services access and logged off of that and sat back feeling more relieved.

I felt more anonymous than I have felt in a while

Have you ever looked at you google Dashboard seen what apps have access to your stuff? Thought about an deactivated the things you are no longer active on? I did and I felt more anonymous than I have felt in a while. What scares me the most is that a lot of services you sign up for dont let you deactivate your account. CNET? Nope, I only could change my name and email associated with it and let it gather dust. These corporations and services get shoved in your face all the time and what can you do put sign up for things that you really wouldn't mind having. Yeah you can have access to my email, yeah you can have access to my address and my phone number. I did not write this post as a How-To, because you already know how to, Dont You? I wrote this post to help you be more conscoius of what you sign up for, where you put your information and who has access to it. Stay wary my friends its a big web that stretches worldwide and we all are caught in it, trapped like the little flies that we are.