Lions, tigers, and 4.3, oh my!

Ok, there's been several posts about 4.3, and I think it's coming in the next two days. I've posted this in a couple of the threads, but it's been largely pasted over.

The Google Play Edition (GPE) phones are being shipped today. As most of us know by now, there was a 4.3 leak from the GPE S4. So, if 4.3 is shipping on the GPE devices, then why hasn't it been announced.

Well, there's somewhat of a low-key event at the Mountain View campus the next couple of days (10th & 11th). Now, it was originally thought that it would be a Motorola thing, but CNET's sources say otherwise. They say it doesn't relate to the Moto X. So, what could it be?

Think on this for a moment. If the GPE devices are shipping tomorrow (9th), then the earliest shipments being received would be Wednesday (10th) or Thursday (11th). Wouldn't it be a grand idea to announce 4.3 only to be followed by the devices being received with it installed?

It wouldn't make sense to ship the GPE devices with 4.3 and not have an announcement of some sort. I even read last night that the GPE One went through the FCC on July 5 with 4.3. A device believed to be the Nexus 7 II went thought the FCC sometime back. And we all know "where there's smoke, there's fire".

With all that said, I think we'll not only see the N7 II announcement, but also 4.3 announced in the next few days. This would make perfect sense if it's not a Moto event and you're going to have devices being shipped and received on your scheduled event days.

I hate to speculate a lot on here, but it makes sense. What do you guys think we'll hear about over the next few days?