iOS 7 Beta 3 Changes [updated]

So far

-folders have changed colour to greyish, slight colour change on keyboard

-Performance fixes (of course)

-Refreshed Lock screen (bigger status bar returned)
-Per app settings for background refresh now honored
-Applying Bold Text setting now restarts phone
-Looks like Bolder font all across iOS

-Compass settings broken (for me)
-Notification Center has refreshed look
-Music App as well has refreshed look (small UI changes)
-Time shows in Status Bar when music playing for lock screen update

-Looks like Control Center also got a bit of a UI update
-Brightness and Wallpaper preview page updated (now reflects iOS 7 changes)
-Calendar now added to Background App Refresh
-Clock App updated some Daylight Time Zone changes for certain countries

Here is a vine video of the new app loading animation:

A full list of changes (with pictures)! can be found here: