Android Army Community 4.3/5.0 Wish list [Interactive Poll]

Hi everyone,

I thought it would be interesting and fun to get an idea of what the android community, particularly the Android Army here at the Verge, would really like to see in the next update. There have been wish list threads before, but this one is intended to be a De Facto, one stop shop to gauge the desired direction of android in the community. This is how its going to work,

1. Read through the entire thread, if you don't see the feature/fix you want, post it yourself

2. If you see a feature you want in a post VOTE for it by recommending the comment. Votes will be the primary form of participation and metric for gauging popularity of features.

3. PLEASE try to avoid posting a feature twice (if possible, no one's perfect) and attempt to be realistic in what you ask for.

Hopefully by the time this thread has run its course, we will have a quality, detailed representation of what the android community wants, and what it doesn't. This way, we can see what is really on the Android Army's mind, instead of perhaps just a vocal minority.

I will start off by posting a couple of the things I personally would like to see, and we can go from there