Instance app issues with uploading

For any Instance app users, have any of you noticed the photos uploaded from the app have non-functioning hashtags? The hashtag will show up and look fine in the interface but when clicked on to index all Instagram photos with the particular tag in question photos uploaded with Instance won't show up.

I'm finding this rather annoying from the perspective of discovery, without the tags only my existing followers will be able to see my photos.

I was using the free version of the app for a while when the problem showed up and I recently tried moving to the paid version to see if it solves the issue, which it didn't.

If you're unsure of what I mean, my username is "frostyfirez", the last two photos have the issue so you can see what I mean. Search for them under the tag #EOSM since it's an unpopular tag.

Anyone else having this issue?