Question About Notification Center IN iOS 7

Overall I really like the changes Apple is making with iOS 7, but it seems as if they are taking away some features for the sake of simplification. Specifically it looks like in an effort to make Notification Center "flatter" and less skeumorphistic, they have taken away the stock ticker (replacing it with a stock list), and replaced the weather widget with a text description of the weather. So, my question is: can you still tap on the weather and/or stocks to go to the app and get more details. I really hope so, as is the weather description seems kinda useless. Hopefully before the gold release of iOS 7 they change the weather back to a more graphical representation of current conditions. It would be nice if they could even make the weather icon "live" and show the current temperature. As a side note I hope they add back the Facebook/Twitter buttons in some way.

Can anyone that has the iOS 7 beta shed some light on how the weather in notification center behaves?