In My Bag: Charlie Foster

The bag itself is a Chrome Bravo roll top backpack, in black/white. I have had it for about a year and really prefer it to messengers, it is outstandingly durable and is large enough to pack up for a three day trip and small enough to not feel huge when I only have a few things in it. It's water resistant and has a great front pocket for my laptop, earphones, charger, sunglasses, key, etc.



Things I never leave without:

Bowers & Wilkins C5s - These earphones are fantastic, they sound awesome, block out most sound, and feel great in the ear; I wouldn't choose anything else.

Powerstick+ - I got this as a gift a few months ago and love it. It ends up holding about 1.5 iPhone 4S charges, which is perfect for a long day.

iPhone cable - For my 4S, to use with the Powerstick and my laptop.

iPhone brick - For the iPhone and and charging the Powerstick (usb to micro usb).

Ray-Ban Wayferer - Tortoise shell.

Keys - On a Chrome Industries key chain.

Things I usually have with me:

Nikon D5100 with 35mm 1.8G - This body has everything I need: 16 megapixels, low noise up to iso 3200, and most of all, the great selection of lenses. The 35mm 1.8G is a fast prime, perfect for low light; it has great clarity all around and for $200 is quite frankly a steal. (I also have the kit lens, but don't usually take it.

Macbook Pro 13" (mid-2012) - I got the one with the 2.9 ghz core i7, which is great for my photo editing, along with 8gb of ram and a 256gb ssd (OCZ Vertex 4). This laptop has always been great, I currently have mavericks on it and couldn't be happier.

Some sort of Sweatshirt - I live in San Francisco, and it can get a little chilly when the fog rolls in.

In my pocket:

iPhone 4S - Black, 16gb, with no case, iOS 7.

Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Cardholder - Thin, light, and carries all the cards I need it to.

Let me know what you guys think, and feel free to ask any questions.