is a SCAM. Don't buy there


I want to tell you my experience with the online store to warn you and prevent you from buying there.

On April 17th (almost three months ago) I made an order at ​​to buy the smartphone UMI X2 , which was still a month or so ago from being available.

On May 24th they sent me an email claiming that the gray model was available and that they could send it if I accepted but I would have to wait a couple of days more if I wanted the white one (which I had ordered). I replied saying I'd rather wait and I expected them to send it within a week at the latest.

But weeks gone by and I had no news of them. So on June 16th I sent them an email asking if they had finally shipped my phone. They replied saying that they had supply problems (which I believed after searching a bit on the Internet) and asking me to change the smartphone model to an Iocean X7. Seeing that the phones were similar and tired of waiting, I replied accepting the offer. They replied two days later, confirmed the change and ensured that they would send the Iocean X7 in the next days.

Since that day (June 23) I have not heard a word from I sent them 6 emails to different addresses and there is no way to get a response to know what has happened with my order. To make matters worse, since the dispute has taken more than 45 days, I am no longer able to complain to PayPal and cancel my order.

Three months after I paid $300 I am without a phone, without my money and with no explanation! That's why you should not buy at