Apple should drop keyboards, mice, and touch sensors and use motion sensors.

Apple should get rid of keyboards, mice, and trackpads on their Macs, drop touchscreens on their iPhones, iPods, iPads, and use motion sensors, like Kinect or Leap Motion, instead. Apple's upcoming TV device should also use a motion sensor as well as any head-mounted device they may be working on.

Calm down, morons.

The key to using motion sensors for typing is to use something similar to Minuum. By adapting something like that to motion sensing, you'll be able to type as fast as, or faster than, you can with a keyboard. It will be faster than Minuum, too, because Minuum uses one input point in two dimensions while motion sensing can use multiple input points in three dimensions.

The advantages of motion sensors over touch sensors:

  • 3D input - Allows for positioning and moving UI elements and other objects in 3D.
  • Position and motion capturing - A motion sensor can track the motion of real-world objects to create digital objects. For example, a pencil could be tracked for drawing, or a ball could be tracked for animation.
  • Cleaner - No screens, keyboards, mice, or trackpads to clean off.
  • Easier to use - You don't have to reach to touch a laptop or desktop screen. Large screens, like TVs or table-sized displays, won't work well with touch. For head-mounted devices, you wouldn't have to use a touchpad, like on Google Glass.

It's easier for Apple to make these changes than Google or Microsoft since it requires software changes to support the motion sensors. Also, Apple doesn't have to worry about developer support since all their new devices will ship with motion sensors.

It's really impressive that I figured this out.