I'm on my 4th iPhone 5..

So I received my first every iPhone near the end of September 2012. It was a white 32GB iPhone 5 and I loved it! For about 5 months..

At some point in January my power button stopped working (only the left half of the button worked) so I had to go to the apple store (30 minute drive) to have it replaced.

At the end of June my power button once again stopped working. Once again, only the left half worked, but after a week of that it completely stopped working. I had it replaced on June 29.

On July 4th, 2013 I awoke to my phone vibrating like crazy on my bed stand. I went to see what was the problem and It wouldn't respond. I held both buttons down to reset it and BOOM, It bricked.

Now, July 9th, 2013 I am on my 4th iPhone 5.

Am I the only one with this bad luck or are there quite a bit of people who keep having to replace their iPhone 5s? I feel like I should be given a free warranty extension because I'm pretty much being forced into buying Apple Care at this point..