Vague hopes of the next Galaxy

I am not a fan of polycarbonate. Galaxy S4 is with me is a smooth and clean experience, that's enough for me about the speed, it's not necessary to add more fuel. I think the most uncomfortable feeling about the phone is the design , and the heat after using it for a long time. I hope the Korean firm could reduce the heat and give me a more interesting design.

I know they appear to minimize as much as they can the size of the Galaxy, while the screen come larger, but with me this design is awful. They can't keep this style any longer. I am looking forward to the next generation, hope they will use metal instead.

This is my opinion. Actually there are jokes about the Samsung Galaxy on the internet

"2011: It is rumoured that Galaxy S3 will use aluminum backing

2012: It is rumoured that Galaxy S4 will use aluminum backing

2013: It is rumoured that Galaxy S5 will use aluminum backing

201x: It is rumoured that Galaxy Sx will use aluminum backing"

However, the experience is quite good, I love the phone.