Wanting to try iOS 7 (beta 4) on iPad 4: Is it stable "enough?"

Hey guys. So I joined the, er, Apple ecosystem in December last year with the iPad 4 (I use Android on phone as iOS isn't for me on a phone, but on tablet it's the clear choice, best of both worlds FTW!). Now, I've been meaning to try iOS 7 beta on it, basically to see the new interface and multitasking and stuff (most interested in the background multitasking, its absence is one of the biggest reasons I stay away from both iOS and Windows Phone).

My question is: are the betas stable enough for a tablet that's being used for Facebook, browsing on Safari, Skype, email, YouTube videos sometimes, and a few games (with games being the least important)? The same iPad is used by my Mom as well, so it's basically her I'm worried about, she'll be breathing down my neck if things don't work too well (though I'll simply roll back to 6.1.3 in that case as I don't use the iPad that much myself).

I have everything downloaded and ready to go. Guess I'll be flashing before anyone responds to this post, but replies are welcome, haha.