I want TouchWiz mock-ups!

I'm a bit curious with how Samsung will respond to Apple's iOS 7, considering that it has been repeatedly accused of replicating iOS in TouchWiz. I am trying to imagine how such would look, but my Photoshop skills don't go past copy pasting an iOS 7 screenshot onto an Galaxy S 4. Of course, with the Apple vs. Samsung UI trial being decided in favor of the forbidden fruit vendor, it would probably be foolish for Samsung to go on the same path again. I anyways do hope that Samsung does revamp TouchWiz to be less skeuomorphic.

I hope to see your renditions of the your visions of TouchWiz.

Edit: My apologies to people who read the original one, I was out of tone, and just to clear the confusion, I am not trying to bash Samsung. Their products are good, I just have personally issues with TouchWiz, as I have with earlier iOS version.