UPS is where you go to ship packages, but if the company has its way, it could eventually become your primary destination for making 3D prints. Only they won't be getting delivered in those signature brown trucks; you'll need to visit a participating UPS Store for the newly announced 3D printing services. Six stores in San Diego will soon be equipped with a Stratasys uPrint SE Plus printer, and UPS says additional cities will join the fray "in the near future."

According to UPS, the company moved forward with 3D printing after a poll of small business owners revealed significant interest in such services. Specifically, "those needing to create prototypes, artistic renderings or promotional materials" were fans of the idea, and UPS says the Stratasys hardware offers a level of detail and sophistication that exceeds home 3D printers — like those being sold by Staples — and meets those demands. The new printing option is primarily being marketed to small businesses and startups, but retail customers can also take part. Staples voyaged into 3D printing internationally earlier this year but hasn't yet introduced similar capabilities for its US stores.