Need help deciding :/

Hey everyone, i really need help in deciding which tablet to buy. I currently own the old Nexus 7 and I'm not exactly thrilled with its performance. It's nearly a year old device now and in the beginning it worked wonderfully, than 4.2 update and just pure age i guess ruined the device. Comparing it to my iPhone 4s, even though much stronger on paper its outperformed by the iPhone in almost every way (why i love benchmarks). Now i'm thinking of getting a new Nexus 7, and iPad mini or even perhaps an iPad 4, which i used to own but had to sell it. I loved the iPad 4 completely and the only con i found was its relatively heavy weight. I'm afraid of getting the mini cause the screen is worse than my N7, afraid of getting the new N7 because from all my experience with nexus 7, GS3, iPhone 4s and iPad 4, iOS is a MUCH smoother and relatively faster OS and it has much better apps and i don't think that improved hardware is the key to solving this. So i would welcome any info from either owners of the mini or from anyone else cause i really can't decide :/