Panasonic LUMIX GX7

So Panasonic announced a new mirror-less (MFT) camera today - the LUMIX GX7. Personally I'm a fan of mirror-less cameras for a variety of reasons but mostly because I didn't want to add "bad back" to "bad knee" when I go for a physical.

Some of the standout features from their press release are WiFi connectivity and NFC for off-loading images from the card onto your laptop, tablet, or phone without wires. This is pretty important considering one of the trade-offs when working with a mirror-less camera is you lose the ability to tether your camera to your computer - thus adding an additional step to some workflows.

If you're curious about the rest of the specs you can see them here (sorry about the external link but I hadn't seen anything up on The Verge - don't shoot me mods).

I've recently got a chance to try the Samsung NX1100 (and the Galaxy Camera) and though that particular model is not for me or what I'm doing with photography, the camera's connectivity options made me take note. No longer having to rely on an Eye-Fi card or my Transcend WiFi SD card for wireless transfers is great but I still can't move RAW files.

The 90-degree swivel viewfinder is also a nice touch. EVFs in mirror-less cameras are improving greatly and it's great to see that soon I'll no longer have to compromise between shooting with an EVF or having another accessory, like a flash, occupy the hotshoe.

Still, I'm excited to see the advances in mirror-less cameras as a whole and if you've been considering going smaller I'd say go for it. I'm definitely looking forward to what comes next.