Gruber on Nexus 7 Update to Fix I/O Lag

Regarding the recent Android 4.3 upgrade which is suppose to fix the horrible performance on Nexus 7 after the first six months of use (i.e.: the screen taking 10 seconds to rotate), John Gruber of had this to say:

Here’s a fun game: Search the web for articles about this fix, and try to find one that includes the word “finally” in the headline. Now imagine the headlines if the iPad Mini had shipped with a crippling I/O bug that Apple didn’t fix for a year.

If you find such articles on the web that use the word "finally" in reporting this, please post them below.

Now, I will add to that... imagine for a moment that Apple put code in iOS to artificially boost performance when benchmarks were run....just imagine how much more coverage it would get for the page hits.