USB 4.0

As I sit here jamming this thumb drive into my computer I realized something. I have it upside down. Then it hits me, this is insane. Can someone technologically inclined please explain to me why USB isn't symmetrical. Why can't the design be changed to allow for plug in, in any orientation. Then for all existing USBs an adapter.

I know this is a massive undertaking. However I feel it should happen. I think the time is now, because from my experience I haven't seen any terrible backlash on Apple switching their mobile devices to Lightning. I worked at a Radio Shack for a while and the consensus there was, "this sucks I have to buy all new cords." However that would follow with, "well I got to do what I got to do." So if the industry just ups and moves to a new standard, Im sure people will suck it up and move on too. Look at the move from Floppy disk to CDs to now Thumb drives. I feel we the people are ready for another change. Now please excuse me while I re-orient my thumb drive.