Instagram on Windows Phone

These third party apps, and the one just released for Windows 8 are pointless? Why?

Hashtagging doesn't work, and it doesn't seem as if it ever has. What is the point in using them, when you can't even gain followers or get exposure? Instance allows you to find Facebook friends but doesn't complete any requests to follow them - as the app crashes when trying to follow them.

I've been using Instagram for a while, but I'm having to upload using other devices - and it's getting pretty boring now.

Oggl is a crap solution, because every image you may want to share has to be taken with Oggl. (But it's the only app that actually works, but is without browsing).

This is one MAJOR reason why Windows Phone isn't gaining much traction with certain demographics. Instagram isn't the only app that is missing.

Every single day that Instagram, Snapchat, Grindr and Vine are missing, is a day in which people coming from other platforms stay within those ecosystems because the services they wish to use are missing.

If I hadn't been using Windows Phone since release, I would probably have never considered it. Why? Because all of the applications my social group use, are either missing or incomplete.

Such a shame, because I love my Lumia 925.