Why would anyone get the Moto X over the Droids on Verizon?


Ugh, so far I'm really disappointed with the Moto X. Ever had something you were looking forward too, and then it sucked? I was expecting a reveal at 2pm, then a bunch of articles show up. Kind of lessens the hype IMHO. I also thought it segregated those who were anxiously awaiting the reveal. If there was a liveblog we could have all followed it, interacted together, and gathered opinions - just seems like a big mess to me.

So, why would you choose the X over the a Droid, or vice versa?

Why I'll probably go with the Maxx:

  • I was hoping for 99$ on contract for the Moto X.
  • Maxx has 32GB storage from the get-go. Moto X will be $249 on contract for 32GB.
  • color options from the go would have been nice. Why show favoritism for AT&T?
  • Maxx's 3500 Mah is a HUGE benefit to me. I live out in the boonies and get terrible signal, therefore I have terrible battery life (I'm also rooted and running a GNex - which has terrible battery life to begin with).
  • I like the look of the Maxx and hope I'll like the feel. I prefer matte over glossy.
I could see a couple reasons I'd like the X over the Maxx, but battery life is my biggest priority. What's yours?