Samsung soon to lose a lot of market share in an ultra-competitive landscape

It's getting really tight.

In just the past 1-2 years, HTC has revolutionized itself to bring about some of the most compelling android options, starting with its One X/One S series that continues to the present. Nokia has made a bold change in policy and has since been putting forth a lot of quality and a lot of innovation to stay afloat in the US market, also gaining a unique niche in Windows Phone, which they almost have a monopoly on. LG made a surprise comeback with the Nexus 4 and Optimus series, in which they found their design language and surprising amount of quality, which we will soon see in their G2 handset coming very soon. Sony has also had something of a revolution, not only in the hardware or software arena, but in their overall company attitude and aggression; they will have a new focus on the US market and are rumored to bring a solid Lumia 1020 competitor this fall. And best for last, a majorly underrated and very intense OEM is Pantech which will soon- actually just kidding. That was a joke.

Jokes aside, all of these companies are stepping up and putting out their A-game, after flailing in the past. And now, Motorola has joined the fray as well with serious effort. No need to say more on that, since I'm sure this forum is saturated with discussion

Samsung had capitalized on all these companies' previous missteps, and perhaps with their monetary resources (marketing) and vertical integration, totally dominated. But now, the only direction they can go is down. They have no selling point anymore, besides reputation and brand name, which has carried them far, and perhaps will carry them a bit further, but it'll be lost in the long run.

To me, it looks like this is the beginning of the end for Samsung. I'm not predicting a fail on their part (that would be dramatic), but more a slow turning-of-the-tide. It has 5 competitive OEMs behind it, desperately catching up. Actually, 6. How can one count out Apple? (Oh and I heard Lenovo and Asus plan to jump in in 2014, and Huawei too, if it can)

Well what do you guys think?