'Moto X' Style, but in a Tablet?

I love the idea of the tablet. They may not be great for everything, just imagine typing a blog post on a tablet. But they shine in so many places; browsing the internet, social networks, sharing photos, watching movies. They are the perfect form factor for sitting on a couch and laying back.

Two years ago I got my first summer job and spent all my money becoming the proud owner of an original Galaxy Tab 10.1. It was the perfect tablet. It had a beautiful large screen, it was slim and light, and ran the best stock Android experience. Over time the software was bloated with TouchWiz (I use CyanogenMod on it now). The plastic back and front began to creak and crack (the result of one foot kick off an ottoman). And just about three months ago the screen went to the fritz (it's an easy enough DIY fix but not worth it). Since all this I've been looking for a new tablet.

As it stands right now the Android tablet market is basically a Nexus or Galaxy Tab/Note.

The Galaxy line of tablets are cluttered and ugly with TouchWiz. I don't want to buy a tablet that needs CyanogenMod when I first get it. The Notes add tons of functionality with the S Pen but I don't necessarily need that functionality.

The Nexus are more interesting though. The Nexus 7 would be perfect but 7 inches is too close to a phone for me. When the Nexus 10 debuted I was beyond ecstatic. It is the original Tab 10.1 but running stock OS. But they're not consumer focused. They're developer models and run hardware that is too much.

But then today when I saw the Moto X I had a better idea. A customizable tablet made by Motorola. A tablet with tons of color options and mid-range specs (midrange means more than capable in the world of Android). Do we need screens that have nearly 10 inch screen with 3K resolution at 16:10? Couldn't a 10 inch screen running at 1080p suffice for viewing. The battery life improve dramatically too. Do we need quad or octa-cores when having a mid-range dual-core CPU and 3GB of RAM would bump performance more? And again, the battery life would improve.

If Motorola could give us this "mid-range" color customizable tablet for $300 that could be the game changer. Adding a third serious tablet option in Android would be good for the app development. Plus Motorola showing it is a serious contender in consumer Android would force Samsung to make a move. Hopefully Google and Motorola seize their sudden hardware roll and expand it to tablets.