Android Clan... Still. And yes, I'm nitpicking.

Two minutes ago, Joshua finished talking about how they want to improve the website, create hubs for different subjects, and implement Verge Video into it so it doesn't feel like something else.

However, nothing has been said about the Android forum.

One day, a long... long time ago, someone posted that the Android Clan should be renamed to something Google-ish, because no one in the Android forum talks solely about Android. It's the whole Google ecosystem.

Then a few moderators commented on that post and - correct me if I'm wrong - Joshua himself told us how he was planning on renaming it to 'something Google'.

He even made a poll. Since then, all we've heard so far - and that was a while ago - was a simple "It's coming".

And yes, I'm aware this is not essential and it doesn't make my experience less enjoyable (after all, it's a place to discuss news and rumors, and talk about what's going on) but something feels wrong. Specially since there was always an Apple forum, instead of an iOS, or an iPod forum.

Does it matter that much? No. But if you're really working hard to make this website feel awesome for the users that visit it everyday, I'd love to hear something about the forums and what you're doing to improve them as well.