Is there anything impressive about the Moto X?

Anything Good?

After learning all that I could possibly learn about the Moto X- watching the live stream, The Vergecast, Youtube videos and some more articles, for some reason, I was not impressed. Sure, there is the amazing 506 combinations, cool software tricks and it is a Google company, but nothing seems to be..well good.

What is In The Moto X That We Don't Already Have?

Name one thing that we don't have in other phones that we need. We need a phone to do the things we want them to do but will the average consumer care about a flick of the wrist or voice recognition? How many of you even use Siri? There was too much hype about this phone, and maybe there was less hype, it would've been a better phone in my opinion. But since this a mid-ranged phone, what is so good about it?

I'm And iPhone User Looking To Switch To Android

I'm a kid. And today I told my parents don't talk to me between 11:30- 2. They asked why and I told them that a phone was going to be announced that was probably going to be my next phone. I am disappointed now. What makes this any better than the iPhone 5, Nexus 4, Samsung S4, HTC One besides design? And to be honest, the back looks beautiful but the front looks like an old S2. Ugly.

What do you think?

Is this going to be the phone to change Android. There is so many flaws in it that I don't think so. Running 4.2 even though it is owned by Google. I can't even explain that. For me, this doesn't look like my phone right now, but that can all change once I hold it in my hand. What do you think? Reply down below. Thank you.