The one thing every Microsoft fanboy should be thinking right now.

"LOL Android fans"

Google owned Motorola basically just said "720p and dual core is good enough" and "we're going to provide optimized software instead of getting into spec wars" which is pretty much what Microsoft every Windows Phone device manufacturer (ever) is saying about their phones. And what every Android fanboy laughs at with their "octocore" (lol bullshit marketing) Galaxy S4 or their HTC One.

I'm not saying that any of them are better or worse, but certainly... you have to admit that there is a huge amount of irony here now.

Admittedly, I'm a huge Android fan, but I have zero plans to buy a Moto X (it's a midrange phone priced like a flagship - the same issue I have with Windows Phones). However, I felt I would share this comical moment with you guys.

The only question now is can Google do what Microsoft couldn't - convince the market that their message is "good enough" to spend $200 [+contract or $575+] on.