All iOS user gets a Nexus 7

Just a few hours in. Formerly only iphone , retina iPad, apple TV.

What the heck. It is cheap and the 1920x1200 display is fantastic. Downloaded Overdrive and got an epub from the library. Text is as good as my retina iPad.

Grabbed the latest chrome browser with the scroll up to get full screen (same as Chrome on iOS). Helps with the small screen.

Haven't set up my usual email, contacts and calendar, and am in no hurry to do so. Got this as an extra portable sharp screened ereader and web browser. Think it will be fine for both and will probably expand outwards.

Couldn't stomach the pixelfest that is the iPad mini.

Advice, esp cross platform strategies appreciated, although I plan to stay mostly iOS for ease of backups, simple data synching between devices, all the 'just works' stuff.

Did I mention the display is fantastic?