Why the Nexus 4 is still relevant.

Despite the fact that it was released 10 months ago, the Nexus 4 still remains relevant and IMO is one of the best phones around. Here are the reasons why:

Specs have pretty much plateaued: Gone are the times when you need to update your phone every year. A 720p display is enough for 90% people, the S4 pro is still speedy and the phones with Snapdragon 800 processors aren't much faster, 2GB RAM seems to be the standard.

Latest software updates: The main advantage of being a Nexus device is getting software updates faster then anything else. The Galaxy Nexus, a device with a 1.2 dual core processor runs newer software than the Snapdragon 800 heavy weights.

Sleek and Stylish design: The Nexus 4 is one of the most beautiful pieces of hardware I have seen. From the smooth and clean front to the sparkly back, everything looks incredible, also, contrary to what many say, I actually like the rubber plastic on the sides. It adds grip to an otherwise very slippery device.

Pricing: When the Nexus S was announced, it was not very cheap and it was soon to be out done by devices with dual core processors and more RAM. The Nexus 4 launch was the complete opposite, it was a spec champion which was priced like a Mid-Range device. Due to the specs mostly plateauing, it still is a great value for money. Even in many countries where it is not available through Play Store, it is priced very reasonably. About 4 months earlier, I got my Nexus 4 for 40$ cheaper than what my sister's S3 cost just a week ago.

What are your thoughts? Has the Nexus 4 aged gracefully or has it fallen behind the current leaders? If you have a Nexus 4, how long do you plan on keeping it?