Migrating to Windows from OS X

Hello everyone!

I am a Mac user for over 4 years now, I have a Mid- 2009 MacBook, though i love OS X a lot! I am planning to move to Windows.

The reason is that my MacBook dying, the battery is dead (2nd one) the system is slow, has stability issues and a lot of new features and technologies aren't available for my MacBook (USB 3, HDMI out, airplay mirroring etc)

So i need a new laptop. Now i am a medical student and i have some financial constrains hence can't afford a Mac, though i would really love to! the cost difference is too much for me to justify. Hopefully after i finish my college, once i get a job i will buy a Mac.

Anyway coming to the problem at hand, the reason i am posting this because i need help/advice regarding how to migrate from OS X to windows 8. There are a lot of Apps to migrate from Windows to Mac (example OS X migration assistant), and lot of documentation online but i can't find much for migrating from OS X to Windows!

I have time machine backups, iPhoto libraries, iTunes libraries, iMovie files, saved passwords, bookmarks on safari, some favorite Mac only applications such as Alfred etc.

I know i can individually copy and export these to and fro between the machines but i want to be prepared for what will work just fine and what will break during migration.

So anyone out there who has undertaken this huge irritating process before? any advices?

Thanks a lot! :)