which haswell ultra book with matte display for ubuntu, as macbook air alternative?

    hey guys,

    i currently have a heavy 15" 2012 macbook pro with a matte screen, 2,7ghz quad core i7,gt 650m 1gb, 8gb ram a 240gb ssd and a 750gb hdd in the optibay.

    this setup is fantastic, but way to heavy for me to carry, as i move around quite a bit with my macbook. i would also like to sell it and use the extra money for other purposes...

    as i like the macbook pro, the macbook air 13" is logically the alternative.i thought that i really need the powerful extra gpu, but now i think i don't really need it that much. i still play some games sometimes, but rarely, if i could get a good gpu while still having a lightweight laptop it would be ideal. that the air has a glossy screen is a dealbreaker though. i know it's not as glossy as the macbook pro ones, but i just love my current matte 1680x1500 screen and i can't stand having a mirror in a laptop.

    what ultra light laptops are out there, that are good for running ubuntu and fit my requirements?

    use case:

    i use my macbook for internet, movies, music playback and photography and the occasional gaming session.


  • 13" MATTE screen, resolution bigger as 1440x900
  • min 240gb ssd or (ideally) a replaceable drive (2,5")
  • haswell i7 (i5 might work too, but i want to be future proof) chip as i want the newest chip technology and good battery life,
  • backlit keyboard
  • ubuntu friendly hardware like the dell sputnik (xps 13 developer edition)
  • availability in continental europe (germany)
  • bonus, lte/hspa modem integrated, have seen this, but not a necessity
  • can you help me out there?

    the lenovo ones that would qualify all have glossy screens, same as dell's xps13.

    thank you very much!