Windows Phone has 64% of the top 100 popular apps on Apple's iOS platform


Windows Phone has over 160,000 apps in its Store, which is a tiny number compared to iOS's 900,000 apps and Android's over 1 million apps. Windows Store (for Windows 8 and Windows RT) currently sits at over 110,000 apps. Although iOS has a ton of apps, only two thirds of iOS apps are never even downloaded or installed. So while 900,000 may seem like an impressive number, lots of those apps are never even downloaded!

I think this is a fair number. Not perfect but it's getting there.

Oh, and yes:

Of course there are numerous "third party" apps that attempt to pass as an official app, like MetroTube for example. Even though these apps are great, this data excludes them and reflects only upon "official" apps for each platform.

With constant growth in device numbers, updates which are coming (with a common features for us on Android and iOS) quite regulary and upcoming GDR3 and Windows Phone 8.1 - I think Windows (Phone) platform will be too big to fail.

What do you think? I personally like this even though I'm Android user and lover. Please, no need for flaming and provocating others.

Oh, yes, here is direct link to the table with apps.