What do you think of the extra column on WP8?

It's weird. I feel like this would have been discussed and debated already; unfortunately I don't remember too many posts about it. If it has, my apologies.

WPCentral has a quick rundown of the new features in the coming GDR3 update. Among them, are support for 1080p screens and a third column of medium-sized tiles.


Firstly, I figured you'd need a 5" screen or so and 1080p to use the new column, but the picture looks like a current model. Does anybody know if there are limitations for using the extra column? Thinking back and a quick search didn't reveal, I guess I always assumed.

Secondly, while I've been looking forward to the extra column, after seeing it in action, I can't say I'm too impressed. Maybe I'd like it more in person, organized differently, or on a larger screen. So, I thought I'd see what you thought, do you like it? What about on "smaller" 92x-size phones?