Root a WiFi SD card

Rooting an SD card? Is that even possible? There are some SD cards in the market which have an embedded linux system capable of powering their own wifi network. They are very useful for transferring photos from a DSLR to a phone wirelessly.

Because these cards contain an embedded system of its own, they are rootable. I recently managed to root a Transcend WiFi SD card I bought, and wrote up the process of doing so: discovering bugs and exploiting them to my advantage, until I got a root shell.

I have, essentially, jailbroken/rooted this little device.

Here's the reddit thread where I have posted additional hardware details in the comments.

And the original post

I think the post will be interesting as an introduction to hacking, especially to people who know even a bit about programming, because the exploits are really simple. Hope you can learn new things with this post, and hope it inspires you to learn and apply these techniques to other devices! ;-)