Rooting: Why You Shouldn't.

Over the years, the process for rooting ones device has gotten more simple. Downloading a few files on both your computer and phone and in less than thirty minutes, your off and running with a recovery and new ROM.

The chances of you running into an actual problem are very rare.

Yet, at times, problems can occur. And many times those problems are as simple as this:

Not following instructions.

How many times have you read through forums and noticed that many of the problems users are facing have to do with them simply skipping one step? And that one step can cost them not only time, but future problems?

Skipping one line of code. Forgetting to make backups. The list goes on.

If you can't follow instructions, don't attempt rooting. If you can't be bothered to read through the comment section of a site like XDA, don't attempt rooting. If you can't afford to replace your device, don't attempt rooting.

Rooting is a hobby. And like any hobby, it has its ups and downs; pros and cons.

Its a hobby that is not for everyone.