Moto X: The Unforgivable Phone

I can't forgive what Motorola did with the Moto X, and here’s why…

Around 6 months ago I was at work scrounging for youtube videos and any rumor articles that would point to the next Nexus. I spent so much time doing that I fell behind on work. I find this vietnamese video of a Moto phone and check it out. It looks basic. Bland. Some guy talking over features. That stupid ring widget, "command center."

Anyways the day ends and I go back to my car. Theres a note on my car and apparently I got a ticket. There was an hour left so I figured I’d go to Transportation & Parking to get it resolved. I had a permit, they shouldn’t have given me that ticket.

The line is horrible. Apparently a lot of people got tickets that day. Finally after about 30 minutes of arguing I get it resolved and pay a small fee for processing. What bullshit, but I just wanted to go home at that point.

I’m stuck in traffic and listening to NPR when I hear that Motorola execs have been working on a new hero device. On NPR. Who knew? Started getting excited.

Finally come home and my wife is sitting on the couch mad. I was about an hour late. Traffic sucks these days but I can’t be held responsible right? We get into this huge fight and she storms off into the bedroom. I follow her there to try and console her but she locks the door.

I’m sitting on the couch, hungry but too angry to eat, toying around on my phone. I rewatched the leaked Moto X video and thought a bit about it. Looks kinda nice. Smooth? But it still felt meh.

Anyways I walk over to the kitchen and heat up some noodles. She hadn’t cooked dinner. Just then my kids come back from the yard and start screaming for me. I’m too busy in my head thinking about what happened earlier to pay attention.

We spent the next three hours in an emergency room. Apparently they were playing and one of them got cut really badly from a swing we had left up in our yard. My wife still wasn’t talking to me but we were both talking to the doctor. He said it was going to be ok but the kids gonna need stitches.

As you can tell I’m sort of an asshole dad. I don’t really care about this kinda stuff I mean, we already baby our kids anyways? What’s a scuff or a cut here and there? Gives them character right?

Anyways we go back home. I sleep on the couch. She goes back to the room and I go to work the next day. I followed that routine for the next 5 months.

I’d check the leaks. See whats happening. I got caught up in the whole hype of the Moto X. It made me believe. This thing looked amazing. Life saving even. I was so tired of crappy phones and this looked like I could FINALLY have the phone that I wanted. No carrier bloat. Pick my own designs, my own camera, my own memory.

This was supposed to be the glory device.

And then my wife filed for divorce.

I had gotten so obsessed with work and according to her was ‘neglecting her needs.’ People these days. I didn’t think marriage would be so much work. And I work for a living on top of that.

She got the kids. Apparently I’m an unfit parent but who cares. Honestly I’ve been living with this crap for so long that it’s just clock work now. The couch was my bed. Kids only come to me when they need something. My wife hasn’t had sex with me in months. I’m sleeping on a fucking couch.

A fucking couch.

But that Moto X leak trail kept me going. Then August 1st arrived. And the only thing I had going for me was not what I thought it would be.

There were countless articles saying that I should just ‘give it a chance.’ Like I gave my marriage a chance? Seriously I don’t have time for this.

Moto X was my only hope and now its gone. Nothing matters. Goddammit!

I’m getting an iPhone to start a relationship with Siri. At least she’ll sleep on the couch with me.