Is iOS 7 a Ripoff of Android?


Note: I find it funny how some of you are so offended by my post. There's people saying that no one here in Android Army has ever posted this image, people in Android Army don't care, no one brings up this argument anymore, etc. If you really didn't care you wouldn't post in the first place saying "Don't care." and let it die down but clearly some of you are offended by me providing valid points as to why those four features are not blatant ripoff's of the Android OS. You'll also notice how I didn't claim Android is a ripoff of iOS in this post at all, except for the lockscreen part, but that's not even true, I just meant if you had to say one copied the other, I would lean more towards Android copying iOS.

Also some of you seem to be very annoyed by my apparent "sarcasm" in this post. You'll notice there's only one sentence conveying sarcasm here, if you're so annoyed by that then I don't know what to say?...

If it wasn't obvious enough, if you've never claimed anything of the sort in the image below then obviously, this post isn't directed towards you.


Anyways I've seen this image recently and I just can't help but notice how utterly ridiculous it is!



1. Multitasking

First off, if you're going to say iOS 7 multitasking is a ripoff of HTC multitasking, clearly you've never seen Palm's multitasking in WebOS. Yes folks, WebOS was released in 2009, way before HTC ever released their multitasking setup.



Yet, Apple's iOS 7 isn't even a copy of Palm's multitasking. Where do you think Palm got their inspiration from?

Yes folks, it is the iPhone released in 2007. Swipe to remove card? Another feature inspired by Apple most likely, you want to see swiping before 2007? Look no further than OSX.



2. Lockscreen

It is generally agreed that the iPhone's lockscreen hasn't changed much since 2007 to present, and in iOS 7, fundamentally, the leap isn't all that big. Yep, take a gander at this picture, this is iOS 6 -> iOS 7.

You'll notice that the core elements of the lockscreen such as time, date, battery, signal, unlock, and camera, have not changed much. So basically this is 2007 -> 2013



Let's take a look at the Android lockscreen shall we?

You will notice how it looks almost nothing like pre iOS 7 lockscreen.



Now Android has evolved to JB

Would you look at that, what a huge change? (This is not sarcasm, btw, since some of you seem to be so irked)



So who took the bigger leap here? Android.

Apple removed black glossy glass from their lockscreen, used Helvetica Neue and paid for it, and removed any 3D effects from icons. Oh and they made the time and date bigger. Yet they are called out for copying Android? If stripping away elements from your lockscreen and using a modern font is copying Android then sue WP8 too, they're minimal, in fact you can't even see the content of your notifications on WP8!

What did Android do? They did a complete overhaul of their lockscreen, with centered time, like Apple. They used a modern font, which iOS 6 arguably uses as well. In summary, if anyone copied, I would lean more towards Android copying iOS.

Oh and they made Roboto because they didn't want to pay for Helvetica or some other font.

Typography commentator Stephen Coles of called Roboto "a Four-headed Frankenfont", describing it as a "hodgepodge" of different typographic styles which end up not working well together. Other type design professionals called out obvious errors in accented glyphs, while John Gruber called the font a "Helvetica ripoff". Joshua Topolsky, Editor-In-Chief of technology news and media network The Verge, describes the font as "clean and modern, but not overly futuristic - not a science fiction font"


3. Music

Whoever made that picture is clearly an idiot because that is not Music, that is iTunes Radio.



Here's iOS 7's music app, a better representation of what the app has become in comparison to Google Play Music.





Wow, totally, they copied Play Music. So sue Apple, Google, I mean CLEARLY removing shadows and gradients from your app and making your Album art bigger is a blatant ripoff of Play Music. /s (Wow the only instance of sarcasm in this entire post. And you've got people crying in the comments below)

4. Control Center and etc.


Shame on Apple for implementing their own patents into their tech.

Safari Tabs


Control Centre

Oh and Time Machine was released in 2007, before Chrome for Android was released in 2012. Take a look at where Apple got their inspiration for their tabs in Safari iOS 7. Oh that's right, from their own product.