Help! - Second smartphone advice needed!

I realise that title makes me sound needy... Sorry about that! - okay, where to begin? Right, I'm seriously spoiled for choice, and I think we all are nowadays. With new smartphones debuting every other week, I'm finding it nigh impossible to make a decent purchasing decision.

A Little Background

I switched to a smartphone in 2007 when iPhone made an appearance, I'd been an apple user for so years, and it felt like the natural fit. Sure, there were some serious niggles back then, but there were some features I knew I could never be without. Over the next six years I dutifully upgraded to the next generation iPhone, (I'm a fan of sim-free unlocked handsets, not being held over a barrel and plundered in a monthly contract). Along the way I started a business, and mr iPhone became more than a phone to me, he became my lifeline to clients, and, as I have before, come next month, there will be a new mr iPhone in my life... But, things don't always remain the same.

The Problem

Earlier this year I launched another business, and it's taken off! (Woot!), and while I've tried all the call forwarding and "app" solutions, using one phone for two businesses isn't ideal. Oh! An I've even tried a basic nokia... The least said about that endeavour, the better.

Anyhoo, I'm now in the market for a second smartphone, and I'm confused. Sure, I've read Josh, Nilay + Paul since the good old Engadget days, and I've recommended more than my fair share of smartphones to folks, but when it's yours, you seem to doubt yourself, that bit more. So, I wanted to ask you guys (+gals) what you'd recommend - I'm not a fussy user, all of my business info, mail, calendar and contacts are stored in google apps for business, so I'm not tied to Apple's walled garden, either. There are a few things I do dislike though:

Displays that are HUGE, Over zealous OEM skins and battery life that can't see a full day out.


Now, I have done some homework, and I have looked at the Nexus 4, and it's nice... The display is right on the line of what I'd deem HUGE, but it's reviews are favourable, and it can be had for a little over £200 sim free. Now, my other contender is sure to cause confusion, nay-saying from all side and generally a groan: The aged Nokia N9 which can be found new for about the same as the Nexus 4.

So, here I am, risking the hating for being a barmy iPhone user, and for looking at a dead phone for two years ago, but I really do think that you guys can help, we're all technologists in a way, and part of that is insane knowledge, so I throw myself at your feet!