Perfect Surface RT 2 (after 4 months of using Surface RT)

I'm a Surface user for almost 4 months and I have some thoughts about possible improvements.

Full HD screen (1920 x 1080)

This one is obvious. Surface RT screen is OK, especially when it comes to color reproduction, brightness, contrast and viewing angles. ClearType rendering helps a little, but higher res screen would be great (FHD would be more than enough on 10,6''). When browsing the web in landscape - HD seems to be ok, but when I switch to portrait (facebook for example) fonts become hard to read. In 2013/2014 FHD is a must. Period.

Active digitizer / pen support

I think that it's single most important feature - at least for me. Drawing, scetching, taking notes. It would be awesome - especially with great MS software supporting it. I realize than I'm not in the majority there, but lack of digitizer was almost dealbreaker for me.

Better SoC

No suprise here. Tegra 3 was average/poor SoC at the end of 2012. For a flagship ARM/RT device, MS should use latest and greatest chip. I can understand the need of testing, supply chain, etc... but 1-year-old SoC on a hero device is a bad thing. No matter what the reasons are.

"Smart frame" screen

I don't believe it's possible (it was introduced by Intel), but it would be very nice. 10,6 screen in a tablet mode and +11 screen in portrait - at the same physical dimensions as 1-gen. Not very likely to have this solution on the market anytime soon, but still a nice idea.

Physical home key

Capacitive key is to sensitive and in portrait mode it could be annoying - you always have to be careful not to accidentaly touch it. Flat, glass key would be better (and still good looking) in my opinion.




Some basic (subjective) tips and tricks for 1-gen Surface RT:

1. Using Surface in bed

I think it is the most comfortable way of using it in bed + you flip the cover back and use the on+screen keyboard. Put on your stomach/chest and voila! You can use the Surface on your lap this way too.


2. Get some apps

Install Fotor and Allrecipes. Great apps overal. Especially Fotor - more than masic photo editing. I think it's better than Photosgop Express. Especially with filter opacity/strength adjustment.

3. Remote desktop

Configure your remote desktop connection and have remote access to fully functional PC. It saved my life on vacation when I had to access Photoshop and Illustrator remotely for a client (some minor changes in a final project).

What are your thougts? How Microsoft can get it right/better this time?