What does your Pebble setup look like?

After avoiding the Kickstarter and the pre-orders, I finally caved in this weekend and picked up a Pebble smartwatch at my local Best Buy, which happened to have the snazzy red model in stock. The first thing I did was go out and buy a proper leather wrist band for it, sending the cheesy rubber one to the curb (it's a 22mm mount, so standard watch bands that fit it are fairly easy to find). It's a zillion times more comfortable with the leather band, and I think it ups the look of the cheap plastic Pebble just a bit and gives it a bit of unique personalization.


Since then, I've spent the past few days geeking out on it, trying different watch faces and the various apps available for it. I've got the Pebble paired to my HTC One, which has worked okay so far — it occasionally drops connections but for the most part does what it's supposed to do. Using the free Canvas for Pebble app available in the Play Store, I designed a watch face that gives me the time, day and date, and current battery level of my smartphone, since I'm paranoid about battery life on my phone (I really just modified one of the Canvas presets to add the battery life feature, but you can really go nuts with that app if you invest the time). Before you ask, I did test out some of the weather watch faces, but the Pebble's low-res display just murders the weather icons and makes me sad. I also tried out Glance, which is more or less a full fledged app that replaces the standard Pebble interface with neat features like quick SMS reply and persistent notification data, but its limited customizability left me wanting. Pebble Notifier is also a must have app for Android users — it lets you send any notification on your phone to the Pebble, making up for the limited options in the official Pebble app.

So I'm curious, if you have one, what set up are you using on your Pebble? Are you using Android or iOS (I have yet to pair the Pebble with my iPhone for fear that it will ruin what has already been a pretty good experience)? Are there any apps I should know about for either platform? Do you like it? Do you hate it? What's missing?