On Android lockscreens....

Following a tweet about lockscreens by Nilay Patel and the introduction of a new lockscreen on the Moto X, I wanted to start a discussion about them.

I feel the lockscreen is one of the places where Android could possibly be improved. I don't really like the lay out of the current one and there are some small annoyances that make using a lockscreen a speedbump.

I would like to pose two questions:

1. Which Android lockscreen app do you currently use?

2. What would you improve on the lockscreen in Android 3.4

I’ll go first!

1. Currently I am using the WP lock lite which is basically a copy of the Windows Phone lockscreen concept.

2. A few things I would improve in Android: the bold font in the clock I would remove as it really serves no function. Of course one can argue that they feel bold looks nicer. My solution to that would be to enable the user to make changes to the font in the lockscreen. Besides the bold heading, I don't like the fact that you have to press "ok" after typing in a password or a pincode. It’s an extra tap and slows the down the opening of the screen. The pattern system works quickly, but I don't like how the dots look and the code is sometimes visible as a smudge on the screen.

I’m looking forward to some great lockscreen suggestions and fresh ideas on the existing screen!