HTC One and Moto X are the future. LG G2, the past

The Future

The htc one is a great phone, its beautiful, great screen, great sound, front facing speakers, quick versatile camera, and no lag (thats a big one). In the months that I've had this phone it has been a great experience, of course there are drawbacks like on any device (damn you brittle chamfered edges and huge bezel!!!!) but overall it is an amazing device. So why does this matter? HTC's current situation forced them to make a great phone and they did, HTC added hardware features that are not only awesome but useful. Why is the H1 the future? It is a great device that did alot of things right WHILE adding new things. I will never get another phone without at least one front facing speaker, 'nuff said.

The Moto X, Like everybody else. I was disappointed with what I saw but it turned out to be a great device. It didn't really do anything new but it did everything right, well, almost (I'm looking at you inconsistent camera). So Minimalistiq, why is the Moto X the future? OPTIMIZATION! They optimized the hell out of this device. Moto gave us that small(ish) phone everybody wanted, great battery life, stock (only us nerds wanted this) and threw in alot of different customization options (if you're on att), it also has a nice design. The Moto X is what every phone should be, again.. 'nuff said.

The past

The G2 is a step back for android. It did what OEMs have been doing since like forever dude. "Lets buff up the specs and make it look like the GS4 (the best selling phone)" Yeah that logic is sure to sell /s. Normally I wouldn't care for a phone like this (I don't) but the G2 angers me a bit. The design is the definition of uninspiring. the button layout gave it a problem it didn't need (you could say that about the H1 but I simply move my finger to the right when pressing the home button and with the G2 you have to reposition your entire hand). Don't get me started on the LG skin, its worse than touchwizz, 'nuff said, love the battery size (dont know how efficient it is) and thin bezels though.

To sum it all up.. the G2 is not a good phone, it's just a new phone. The Moto X and HTC One, now THOSE are good.