What is the Best Phone for the Everyday Tech Nerd?

Like many others who flocked to the Galaxy Nexus almost two years ago, I am coming up for an upgrade this month. I have my eyes on a few different handsets: Samsung Galaxy S4, Moto X, HTC One, Motorola Maxx, and the LG G2.

I think the worst part of my decision is the fact that I am currently on Verizon. I love the service, but hate the lack of phone selection, locked bootloaders, handicapping the Galaxy Nexus, and the high price point.

What I love about my current phone:

  • The ability to ROM my phone whenever I want, flash a different kernel, or add custom features that a dev just released. As such, I am a bit apprehensive in switching away from the Nexus platform.
  • Interchangeable batteries (simply because it doesn't last a full day--weekends would be a huge issue w/o the swapable battery)
  • Design - teardrop shape, no buttons on the front, overall clean look
My phone feels slower and older. Despite wiping and flashing a new rom, it still feels slow. I'm not sure if I blame 4.2.2/4.3, the internal SSD showing its age, or the outdated internals. I really can't decide which phone is best right now. I think the Moto X provides the BEST balance of everything I want... however, the LG G2 & S4 are just power houses that I don't think I can ignore...
What are your thoughts?