WP app for The Verge

I saw in a post today someone ask Tom Warren if a Verge app was ever coming. I started to write this reply but I figured it would be better suited here.

Wait, do you know where we are? The Verge like Google will only (reluctantly) make a WP/W8/RT app when it absolutely has to. (ie. When the market share is too large to ignore) hence the ball is really in MS court. They have to (some how) raise their market share numbers till they (like apple and Google) are a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately for MS (almost) no one is doing them any favors so they're going to have to convince more people to buy their phones (and tables) without their favorite apps.

Back to the matter at hand. It perplexes me that The Verge doesn't have a WP8 app yet. Don't get me wrong I'm not one of those tin foil hat guys (anymore) that thinks the verge has an ax to grind when it comes MS. Having said that, I don't understand why the verge hasn't built a WP/W8/RT app yet. After all we are the largest forum and arguably the most engaged audience on the site. I'm guessing their reasoning is they have metrics that show even though we are the most vocal group here most of their mobile traffic comes from iOS and Android. That may be accurate but it doesn't tell the whole story. I am a Windows phone user (and a proud Surface RT owner... there I said it) I like countless others here, also love The Verge, I visit the site several times daily, I comment on posts, I subscribe to all the podcasts, I follow many of the writers here on twitter, and of course I contribute in the forums.

How many MS device users are like me? Don't we deserve an app too???

Again this is not meant to be one of those "Woe is me" posts, but more of a call to Action. If you'd like to see The Verge do a WP/W8/RT app sound off here. Let's show The Verge that we are a large and invaluable group that deserves to be recognized.

P.S. Please let's not use this as an opportunity to troll (or apologize for) MS. As it would be unproductive.

BTW. If anyone is listening at The Verge HQ at the very least we would appreciate a time frame (or even a market share number that would warrant you guys creating an app for this community)