Fingerprint scanner will be a new dimension in smartphones & Tablets.

Firstly I would like to admit that I love my Nexus 4 and the only Apple device I own is iPod Touch 4G. But when it comes to electronic devices in general I really like what Apple tries to do, Even though they are pretty slow at doing it.

Well, the best way to describe Apple would be by calling them trendsetters. Apple did it with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Retina Display with iPhones and many others small improvements & now I think we are about to see a Fingerprint scanner and a multi color LED on September 10.

I see reports of Fingerprint scanner being dismissed as a "Gimmick". But in my view its a pretty big deal. Windows 8.1 will come with fingerprinting technology onboard and if iPhone comes with the same then its surely going to make, current devices without them pretty obsolete. And yes, Samsung would go all out to include this in S5 for sure.

Isn't it a big pain in the ass when we have to prove ourselves in front of our phones. I am the one who likes to keep passwords for individual apps. I like to keep a password for my messages, Gmail, Photos, HDFC Bank app etc. I open these apps very frequently and I type the password at least 150 times a day. Having a fingerprint scanner would mean I just have to place my thumb over home screen and the phone identifies for who I am.

Fingerprint scanner is a big deal in thousands of other scenarios which are not unthinkable. I am very excited to see how Apple comes with whole design, API's & Use cases for the Fingerprint scanner. If done correctly I believe its enough for me to think about switching back to iPhone! What do you guys feel?