Finally dusted off the WiiU for Pikmin 3, holy crap is that OS slow and other rants on console UIs.

Maybe it's because I spend my entire workday dealing with computers, technology, and user interfaces, but recently console UI's are just bothering the hell out of me.


- The WiiU is stupidly slow in just basic UI tasks. Yes I know it should get better with that update coming sometime, but how did anyone think this was acceptable before they shipped? The WiiU blows away most phones people carry in terms of raw CPU performance but it takes forever to do anything that a phone can do better.

- Accepting the License Agreement looks like a bug if you are showing it on your TV screen and not on the WiiU screen. I wish I took a picture of this while it was happening, it looks so stupid.

- To this day I do not understand what I'm supposed to do on the screen with all the Mii's hanging out. Is it just there for show? Look at other people's crude drawings?

- So sloooooow. (It has to be said twice.)

Xbox 360

- Isn't the whole metro design supposed to let me see more of my own content? All but three of the tiles are fucking ads. I know this has been beaten to death, but with Microsoft having all those scroogled ads out this just seems even more infuriating. I want to see Netflix, HBO Go, and my recently played XBLA games, not ads for some NFL shit I don't care about.

- Cloud saves are some strange separate thing. This should just be invisible to me and handled automatically. I want to start a game and it should automatically pick the cloud save (and keep a local copy, for when my internet goes out or if I stop paying for Gold). It should be as seamless as loading tabs from all my devices in Chrome/Safari/IE.

- While watching Netflix or HBO the controller is always super aggressive in turning off which also takes a long time to turn back on compared to the Playstation 3 controller. Using Voice commands on the Kinect is the only

Playstation 3

- Maybe this is because I hardly used to use it, but dealing with updates on it are absolutely stupid. Sit there for 20 minutes while it updates right as I turn it on. Usually when this happened, which was nearly ever single time I turned it on, I would just immediately turn it off and go do something else. I recently got Playstation Plus so this doesn't seem to happen as often.

- Installing games from PSN, why do they not immediately install? This has never made sense to me. Installing games/apps from anything else always automatically installs them. This makes absolutely no sense to me. Why add the friction to the experience?

I do hope that the PS4 and the Xbox One both improve their interfaces for doing things. This is basic stuff here and I know that all of the console makers have the resources to improve this aspect of their consoles.

What do you guys hate about consoles right now?