Laptop Dillema

Hello. I, too, have a laptop-related problem. I am considering the Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 11S or the Surface Pro (I chose both of these thanks to their recent discounts) as I need a laptop/convertible urgently. I know that both of them run on old processors but these are the only two compelling choices I have found inside my price bracket. So, Vergers, I have several questions regarding this:

1. Is Haswell really that big of an upgrade? I can live without the better battery life (I

'll just get an external battery pack), but as someone who does a lot of video editing, are the graphics in Ivy Bridge good or should I get Haswell?

2. Would it be possible for me to change the processor manually of the Yoga to Haswell once I get it?

and 3. Are there any other compelling convertibles/laptops with Haswell + touchscreen in the similar price range? (Note that I don't live in the US and thus the laptop selection isn't that big)

I was considering the Thinkpad x240s but it still hasn't been released yet. Same for the Acer Aspire S3. And the Dell XPS 11.

Thanks a lot!